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Nan Moh Moh Lin:Departure from Tsinghua



Nationality: MYANMAR

Division: Automation

Year of Enrollment: 2021

In my first year of high school, senior students told us about the beautiful scenery, magnificent buildings, and countless delicacies of Tsinghua University. Since then, I have made Tsinghua my goal. After the integrative test at Tsinghua University, I checked my email repeatedly every day. It wasn't until the day I received the pre-admission letter from the Admissions Office of Tsinghua University that I nervously opened it and screamed with excitement as I confirmed my acceptance. I am very excited at the thought that I will end my one-and-a-half-year online learning and go to the beautiful Tsinghua campus.

During the Tsinghua University International Freshmen Orientation Program in August, the university arranged basic mathematics and science courses and courses related to Chinese cultures. The teacher explained the origin of Chinese characters to us, which made me feel that the evolution of Chinese characters is very interesting and humanized. Even for physics, Mr. Yu often combined the content of ancient poems. The experience of learning physics from ancient poems makes me feel very novel. Later, I participated in the short video competition of the International Freshman Orientation Program Short Video Contest. When shooting video footage with our peers on campus, we exclaimed about the beautiful campus from time to time. During the dinner in Zhaolan Garden, we talked at length and happily shared what we saw and heard when we first arrived at the school. It was a very happy time.

In Tsinghua, you will get lost in the huge campus, but there will always be someone to show you the way. On the day of registration, the teachers of the International Student and Scholars Center patiently guided me to complete the enrollment registration. I was in an excited mood to take the admission notice of the Old Gate with a three-dimensional carving from the teacher's hand and then went back to the dormitory to take pictures. In September, the Student Union of Tsinghua University held the Mid-Autumn Festival activity. I made a Mid-autumn lantern. Although it took me a few hours, I was very satisfied when I saw the lantern I made by myself. By October, teachers from Tsinghua International Students and Scholars Center took international students to visit Beijing WTown. As the saying goes, "He who does not reach the Great Wall is not a true man." We carefully climbed the steep Great Wall, stood by the seventh beacon tower, and enjoyed China's great mountains and rivers in the gust of wind. It was very comfortable.

In just one year, I have experienced a lot and grown a lot at Tsinghua university. I realized the joy of helping others in the voluntary service of vaccination by the Department of Automation. I gave up on the 1,500 meters, even though I could have run a better time.  But fortunately, I summoned up the courage to insist on running again, so that I deeply felt the "no Sports, not Tsinghua" spirit. I think these are also unique characteristics of Tsinghua University.

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