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School of Architecture


Urban and Rural Planning

Landscape Architecture

Civil Engineering

School of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering and Systems

Civil Engineering

Hydroscience and Engineering

Construction Management

Traffic Engineering

Marine Science and Engineering

Mechanical Aerospace and Power Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering 

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering (Elite Program)

Department of Energy and Power Engineering 

Energy and Power Engineering

School of Vehicle and Mobility 

Vehicle Engineering

Vehicle Engineering (Automotive Design)

Department of Industrial Engineering 

Industrial Engineering

School of Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering (Engineering Mechanics, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, Energy and Power Engineering)

Energy and Power

School of Architecture 

Building Environment and Energy Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering 

Electrical Engineering and Automation

Electrical Engineering and Automation (International Class of Energy Internet)

Department of Energy and Power Engineering 

Energy and Power Engineering

Electronic Information

Department of Electronic Engineering 

Electronic Information Science and Technology

Computer Science

Department of Computer Science and Technology 

Computer Science and Technology

School of Software 

Software Engineering


Department of Automation 


School of Economics and Management 

Information Management and Information Systems

Mathematics, Physics and Modern Engineering

Department of Mathematical Sciences 

Pure and Applied Mathematics

Department of Physics 


Fundamental Sciences (Mathematics and Physics)

Chemistry and Life Science

Department of Chemistry 


Chemical Biology

School of Life Sciences 

Biological Science

School of Pharmaceutical Science 

Pharmaceutical Science

Department of Chemical Engineering 

Polymer Materials and Engineering

Chemical Engineering and Industrial Biological Engineering
Weixian College School of Materials Science and Engineering Materials Science and Engineering
Department of Precision Instrument Measurement, Control Technology and Instruments
Department of Biomedical Engineering Biomedical Engineering
Xiuzhong College School of Environment Environmental Engineering
School of Architecture

Urban and Rural Planning

Landscape Architecture

School of Economics and Management Economics and Finance

Economics, Finance and Management

School of Economics and Management 

Economics and Finance (International Program)

Information Management and Information Systems

Social Sciences

School of Social Sciences 



International Politics

Politics and Public Administration


School of Humanities International Program of Chinese and World Cultures (Chinese Language and Literature, History, Philosophy)

Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures 

English Language

Japanese Language


School of Law 


Liberal Arts

Xinya College (A Residential Liberal Arts College) 


Academy of Arts and Design 


Fine Arts

Art History

Clinical Medicine

School of Medicine

Clinical Medicine (Outstanding Physician-Scientist Program)

1. Tsinghua admits international students into undergraduate programs by division.  Students from most divisions will undergo the general curriculum of their divisions in their first academic year. By the end of the first academic year, the specific programs/majors will be confirmed. In the second academic year, students enter the relevant schools/departments for major study.

2. For details of each division, confirmation method, and timing of specific programs/majors, please refer to the following website: https://www.join-tsinghua.edu.cn/gnxs/zszyl.htm .

3. The list of the divisions, schools/departments, and programs/majors will be finalized upon the official enrollment. The specific programs/majors within the divisions are subject to adjustment. Please refer to the updated list accordingly after enrollment.


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