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1. Foreign citizens, in good physical and mental health, friendly to China, and awarded a certificate of graduation from high school.

2. Academic performance

Outstanding academic performance. Proof should be provided through (but not limited to) the following document(s):

2.1  High school/University (if applicable) transcripts (in Chinese or English).

2.2  Certificate of National/Regional Graduation Examination/Matriculation Examination.

2.3  Results of international standard tests (e.g. SAT/ACT/A-Level/AP/IB/others) or International STEM Test (THUSSAT International STEM Test/ TIST/others).

2.4  Other supporting materials.

3. Language proficiency

3.1  Chinese language proficiency of HSK Level 5 or above, with each subject scored over 60 points. Chinese language proficiency of HSK Level 4 (with each subject scoredover 60 points) is eligible too, however, applicants must improve to Level 5 or above with each subject scored over 60 points within the first academic year in Tsinghua University. Students who do not achieve this will be required to leave Tsinghua University. Applicants whose native language is Chinese or can provide proof of studying at a high school where the teaching language is Chinese, can apply for HSK test waiver in the Online Application System for further approval by Tsinghua University.

3.2  Good English language proficiency. For those whose native language is not English, please provide score report of English language test (e.g. TOEFL/IELTS/others).

4. Aged 18 or above (by September 1, 2024). For the applicants under 18, please bring the relevant supporting documents to the official registration.

5. The conditions set by the Document No. 12 (2020) of Ministry of Education of the PRC should be met.


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