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Tsinghua University has a long tradition of actively seeking strategic partnerships and collaborations with other prestigious universities. The university sponsors high-level academic exchanges, joint programs,global vision lectures,international conferences and other international activities. Student exchanges are encouraged to cultivate talented students with global vision. Tsinghua also plays an important role in global higher education organizations to promote multilateral cooperation and organizes many academic and cultural activities abroad to deepen mutual understanding between people from different countries and regions.


In 2020, Tsinghua University:

-Had more than 3,342 international students from 130 countries studying at Tsinghua University, among whom 3,240 enrolled in degree programs, including 1,162 undergraduates, 1,634 master’s students and 444 doctoral students.

-Had more than 8,000 academic visitors in 2019. Affected by Covid-19, most international communication and cooperation were developed on line, and there were more than 300 long-term and full-time foreign experts brought in.

-In March, announced that the Spring Breeze Fund International Science & Research Program Support Plan would be set up, in order to develop the international cooperation to fight the outbreak.

-In March, held the signing ceremony with BOSCH via the video conferencing, to establish the Tsinghua-Bosch machine learning joint research center and develop a five-year cooperation in the artificial intelligence area.

-Set up or renew the cooperation with Siemens, Rio Tinto, Shell, AsiaInfo and Daikin Industries, eg.

-Signed the cooperation frame agreement with BMW, to promote the science research in the economics; Launched the 4th cooperation with BP, to promote the path research in realizing the carbon neutral in China.


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