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Undergraduate Programs of Academy of Arts & Design

Undergraduate Programs of Academy of Arts & Design

The Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, formerly known as the Central Academy of Arts & Design, was established in 1956 and merged with Tsinghua University in 1999. The Academy has a long and distinguished history, a comprehensive set of disciplines, well-resourced teaching, research and experimental facilities and enjoys an excellent reputation both at home and abroad. 

At present, there are 10 departments covering 20 undergraduate programs. The Academy has three first-level arts disciplines including "Design", "Fine Arts" and "Art Theory" which are authorized to offer Doctorate Degree. The Academy has highly qualified faculty and a large number of influential artists, designers and scholars who are renowned in academic frontier both at home and abroad. The Academy has established friendly relationships with over 60 well-known universities in the United States, Britain, France, Australia, Japan and other countries. Dozens of international and domestic experts and famous scholars are invited to China to teach courses every year. The Tsinghua Arts and Design Institute in Milan (ADIM) was officially founded on April 17th, 2018. It serves as an important hub in Europe for the art and design departments of Tsinghua University to cultivate international talent. By integrating global educational resources, ADIM will provide students with interdisciplinary, cross-regional and cross-cultural learning, researching and internship opportunities. ADIM builds excellent learning conditions and environments for cultivating innovative talents with global competence and the challenges of globalization.

Tsinghua University has been committing itself to equipping students with a solid knowledge foundation, academic excellence, good personal qualities, innovative thinking, global vision, as well as a strong sense of mission and social responsibility, helping students to achieve their full potential while also encouraging development of individuality. Bearing these goals in mind, the Academy of Arts & Design has always been working to deepen the reform of education and teaching. Through cultivating innovative artistic talent with an international mind, ambitious dreams, skills to meet the needs of the times and a strong sense of responsibility, the Academy strives to establish itself as a world-famous academy of fine arts.

1.Eligibility and Application Procedures

Please see: Eligibility and Application Procedures for Undergraduate Programs of Tsinghua University (Admission for International Applicants).

2.Application Deadlines

Note: Online application (Beijing Time): Design and Fine Arts are open ONLY in the first round of application, Art History is open in all rounds of application.

2.1 First Round Application

Design and Fine Arts are open ONLY in this round.

Online application (Beijing Time):

8:00 AM August 25, 2023—5:00 PM October 13, 2023

2.2 Second and Third Round Application

Only Art History is open in these periods.

Online application (Beijing Time):

8:00 AM October 14, 2023—5:00 PM January 15, 2024

The result will be issued by late March, 2024.

3. Undergraduate Programs,Arts Division




Design & Fine Arts

Fashion Design

Four years

Ceramic Design

Visual Communication Design

Environment Design

Product Design

Product Design (Textile Design)

Product Design (Transportation Design)

Art and Technology (Information Design)


Craft Art 




Five years

Art History

Art History

Four years

Please note

*Applicants who apply for Design & Fine Arts should choose two among all programs and give clear indication that if you agree to be subject to adjustment.

*Applicants who apply for Art History can only choose Art History.

*Applicants can apply for programs either under Art History or under Design and Fine Arts.

4. Examination Schedule and Requirements

4.1 Time and form of the examination and interview will be notified later.

4.2 Subject(s) and requirements of the examination





Paper Size

Exam Supplies

Design & Fine Arts



3 hours


gouache, watercolor



3 hours

black pencil or charcoal

Applicant may voluntarily prepare a portfolio (the size is A4, and the number of works is around 20) for the interview.

5. Admission

5.1 Method of Admission:

The admission decision by the Academy of Arts & Design is based on a comprehensive evaluation of academic performance, language ability, supporting materials as well as examination/interview performance.

·Design & Fine Arts

Applicants who are above the minimum admission requirements will be ranked according to their total scores. Given the limited amount of admission places, those who with a higher score will be given offers. In principle, for any single country, the number of admissions offers must not exceed 15% of the total annual applicants who participate in the integrative test.

·Art History

Please refer to the admission procedures of the Liberal Arts related programs of Tsinghua University.

5.2 About admission to programs

For Design and Fine Arts applicants who meet the admission criteria, the offers to each program will be given according to the ranking of total score, if the total score is the same, the applicants who get higher subject score will be given offers. Applicants will be given offers according to the first choice, otherwise the second choice, or redeployed to other program in the same discipline if applicants accept. If applicants cannot accept redeployment, offers will not be given.


6. Contact Information

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Tel: +86-10-62798170

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