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In case of any dispute or misunderstanding relating to the interpretation of the language or terms used in this document, the Chinese language shall prevail.

1. What's the eligibility for international applicants for the undergraduate programs?

A: Applicants must satisfy the following requirements:

1.1 Foreign citizens, in good physical and mental health, friendly to China and awarded a certificate of graduation from high school.

1.2 Academic performance

Outstanding academic performance. Proof should be provided through (but not limited to) the following document(s):

1.2.1 High school/University (if applicable) transcripts (in Chinese or English)

1.2.2 Certificate of National/Regional Graduation Examination/Matriculation Examination.

1.2.3 Results of international standard tests (e.g. SAT/ACT/A-Level/AP/IB/others) or International STEM Test (THUSSAT International STEM Test/ TIST/others). 

1.2.4 Other supporting materials.

1.3 Language proficiency:

 1.3.1 Chinese language proficiency of HSK Level 5 or above, with each subject scored over 60 points. Chinese language proficiency of HSK Level 4 (with each subject scored over 60 points) is eligible too, however, applicants must improve to Level 5 or above with each subject scored over 60 points within the first academic year in Tsinghua University. Students who do not achieve this will be required to leave Tsinghua University. Applicants whose native language is Chinese, or can provide proof of studying at a high school where the teaching language is Chinese, can apply for HSK test waiver in the Online Application System for further approval by Tsinghua University.  

 1.3.2 Good English language proficiency. For those whose native language is not English, please provide score report of English language test (e.g. TOEFL/IELTS/others).

1.4 Aged 18 or above (by September 1, 2024). For the applicants under 18, please bring the relevant supporting documents to the official registration (Please see List of Uploading Documents in the Online Application System for details).

1.5 The conditions set by the Document No. 12 (2020) of Ministry of Education of the PRC should be met.

2. If I am a Chinese citizen with permanent residence of a foreign country, am I eligible to apply?

A: Sorry, you are not eligible. Undergraduate Programs of Tsinghua University (Admission for International Applicants) applies to foreign citizens only.

3. If I have given up my original Chinese citizenship and become a foreign citizen, may I apply for the undergraduate programs?

A: For those who have given up their original Chinese citizenship and become foreign citizens, the conditions set by the Document No. 12 (2020) of Ministry of Education of the PRC should be met.

4. How does the Comprehensive Evaluation system work?

A: First step: Online Application:

1) Create an account in the Online Application System;

2) Complete the application form during the application periods;

3) Upload the documents as required;

4) Submit the application and pay the application fee (800 RMB) online.

Second step: Comprehensive Evaluation:

1) Application review: applications submitted will be evaluated by the admission officers;

2) Integrative test: applicants who have passed the Application Review will be admitted to the integrative test. Test(s) for Arts Division applicants will be notified in advance. Applicants who apply for Architecture Division will go through the portfolio review.

The admission decision is based on a comprehensive evaluation of performance in high school, language ability, supporting materials as well as integrative test (if applicable).

5. Is there any difference among the three rounds of application?

A: There is no difference in application procedures among the three rounds, despite that the time of the application, the date of interview and the results issuance are different. Applicants who want to apply for Design/Fine Arts programs in Arts Division, must apply in the first round. Other applicants are welcome to apply in any round.

6. Is it necessary to have graduation certificate of high school when I apply?

A: Certificate of expected graduation (the expected graduation time should be indicated) issued by the high school that will issue the diploma with (for applicants who will graduate from high school by August 2024) is needed. Also, the graduation certificate is required to be obtained before you register for semester.

7. Why is HSK level 4 the minimum requirement of Chinese language proficiency?

A: The undergraduate programs are mainly delivered in Chinese and English. Thus a good command of Chinese guarantees international students in knowledge understanding and daily communication with classmates. Meanwhile, in order to improve the Chinese proficiency (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) of international undergraduate students, a series of Chinese language courses will be offered. “General Situation of China” is also provided to help promote a better understanding of China.

8. Where can I check the HSK Test Centers?

A: HSK Test is held by Center for Language Education and Cooperation (CLEC). The test centers are all over the world. Test takers can check the nearest test center at

9. Is TOEFL or IELTS required for applicants whose native language is not English?

A: TOEFL/IELTS or any other English proficiency test may be used.

10. Why are the Financial Sponsor Form and the Employment or Income Certificate required?

A: Those are necessary forms when the applicant is applying for the Chinese Visa.

11. Do the applicants need to provide the original documents? When to provide them?

A: Yes, all the original copies of the documents provided in the Online Application System should be submitted to the integrative test/official registration. Tsinghua University will check all the documents. If any certificate provided proves to be fake, Tsinghua University will terminate the integrative test/admission of the applicants.

12. How does Tsinghua recruit and cultivate students?

A: Starting from 2017, Tsinghua begins to integrate programs/majors into divisions and recruit students of undergraduate programs by division. There are 17 divisions open to international students.

13. What is the study mode for international undergraduate students?

A: International undergraduate students take the classes together with Chinese students, except for some courses which are open to international students only.

14. Is there any undergraduate program in Tsinghua University that is fully delivered in English?

A: Tsinghua University- The Chinese University of Hong Kong Dual Undergraduate Degree Programme in Economics is fully delivered in English. The other undergraduate programs are mainly delivered in Chinese and English. In addition, there are up to 200 courses taught in English or bilingually.

15. Does Tsinghua University accept transfer students?

A: Sorry, Tsinghua University doesn’t accept any transfer student.

16. Are there any kind of entrance tutorial class in Tsinghua University?

A: No, Tsinghua University doesn’t hold any kind of entrance tutorial class in any form. The Admissions Office of Tsinghua University never holds or cooperates with any individual, company or institution to organize any form of profitable training activities related to application issues.

17. How to apply for visa and dormitory?

A: The formal Admission Notice and the entrance guidance documents (including the information about visa and dormitory) will be sent to the admitted applicants. Please read carefully and follow the instructions. Please complete visa and dormitory application in the required period.

18. For the applicants under 18 (by September 1, 2024), what materials are required for applying for residence permit after register at Tsinghua University?

A: Applicants under 18 (by September 1, 2024) must provide a certificate identifying a legal guardian in China. Guardian may be any nationality and must have a source of income. Please refer to the entrance guide for the documentations needed when applicant is applying for a residence permit.

19. About scholarships

A: For Chinese Government Scholarship, please refer to the official website of the Scholarship Council of China (Study Abroad in China: ); For Beijing International Student scholarship, it can be applied via Tsinghua in the International Student (Undergraduate) Application system. The outstanding international undergraduate freshmen can apply for tuition scholarship (full, half or partial) for the first academic year. For the next two, three or four years, the student will go through an evaluation via the school’s council to renew the scholarship. The results of the scholarship of upcoming freshmen will be posted in the application system. The student should verify the scholarship status in the system to avoid unnecessary payment before semester registration.


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