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Peter Joseph Scheuer JR:Freshman year at Tsinghua



Nationality: UNITED STATES

Division: Social Sciences

Year of Enrollment: 2021

I'm Tom from the United States, currently a freshman at the School of Social Sciences, and I'm planning to major in economics. Besides of my studies, I'm also a student-athlete, and I have represented the United States in a number of international events.

At Tsinghua, I really like the campus, grand architecture style, nice accommodations, very bright students and peers, and extremely helpful staff. The canteens are also quite delicious. I have always admired the rigorous and genuine academic style of Tsinghua, and I believe that Tsinghua cultivates a full range of talents, and its students are highly capable of adapting to the environment while possessing high academic abilities. I am glad to be in the school social science, where I can explore my favorite subject, learn to think about it from different perspectives, link various subjects together, and analyze an issue from multiple viewpoints. As a freshman and sophomore, I want to experience as much as possible and find a direction that I am really interested in.

At first, I found it hard to manage my time for studying and training. So I combined study and training into a personal schedule, and try to write a to do list every day, which really helped me to manage my time. As a part-time student-athlete, Table-tennis is an essential part of my life, it takes great effort to balance it with my studies. Training makes me happy and relaxed, and is a great way for me to get my time more organized.

College life is pretty enjoyable so far, but whenever there are deadlines, it becomes challenging to organize and plan everything out in such a small period of time. In November 2021, I won first place in the Beijing Collegiate Table-tennis Championship for Tsinghua University, and my goal is to play in more tournaments for Tsinghua University in the coming years.

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