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Berinyu Fomba Kahkunted:Tsinghua Story



Nationality: CAMEROON

Division: Chemistry and Life Science

Year of Enrollment: 2021

After four great years of studying in an international high school in China, then came the time to apply to universities. During those years, I had always heard of Tsinghua University-the best university in China, this prestigious school enjoys with the greatest reputation, a great historic background, the most beautiful campus, exclusive programs, etc. As tough as it was to get here, I strongly believe it was the greatest decision I ever made, because I found my home away from home.

I still remember my first day at Tsinghua so vividly. I was extremely nervous yet excited and I kept getting lost as the campus is quite humongous. To be honest, after being here for a whole year, I don’t think I even know what half of the campus looks like because I still frequently find new places. One great thing is that there are always people around to help with the directions not only to unknown locations but also guide us in the classrooms. As an international student who had never attended a course in a language other than English, it was a huge challenge to study courses here completely in Chinese. Fortunately for me, I had really great teachers, mentors and classmates who were always eager to help me if I had any difficulty.  

My first year at Tsinghua has been nothing but wonderful, during my stay here, I have not only thrived academically but also socially, I have made the most amazing friends in the world and joined all sorts of activities. I was lucky enough to have joined the trip to the Great Wall of China organized by the school, I went skiing with my friends, visited the Forbidden City, and one of my greatest memories was when I had performed at Tsinghua Annual Gala night with the talented Afro-Jive. I was also fortunate enough to have joined many clubs such as the cheerleading, acapella, the musical drama club, the dance and frisbee team. Additionally, it was an honor to be part of the Tsinghua University African Students Association (THUASA).

During my stay here, I realized that the Tsinghua campus is like a tiny city on it’s own because you can find almost everything on campus starting with the many amazing canteens and restaurants, cafes, bakeries, libraries, a bank, a hospital, many shops and even supermarkets. The campus is so convenient to live that I never really had the need to leave campus. There are also multiple fully equipped gyms on campus and so many fields and courts free to use. If you are a student at Tsinghua, you would know the phrase of “No Sports, No Tsinghua” which shows how vital physical exercise is here. PE is mandatory to every student, and the sports vary from basketball, football, swimming, karate and even boxing etc.

Needless to say, my time at Tsinghua has been absolutely magnificent, it has inspired me to be a better version of myself both physically and mentally. I can’t wait to see what it has instore for me and to seize every opportunity it offers in the coming years.

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