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Gu Nik:My Story with Tsinghua


Name: GU NIK 谷尼克

Nationality: RUSSIAN

Division: Humanities and Social Sciences

Year of Enrollment: 2020

My Story with Tsinghua

Since I was a kid, I was interested in politics and international affairs. I always wanted to become a diplomat or work in a diplomatic field. My goals were very clear. I knew that Tsinghua University has been one of the best international relations schools in China. I have to emphasize this point very much. I know that the university has so many great lectures from different societies such as great leaders, great professors from the best schools, and executives from vary well-known and famous organizations. In 2019, China and Russia upgraded their relations to a comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination for a new era. In the same year, Tsinghua University awarded Russian President Vladimir Putin an honorary doctorate. My goal became clearer. I am very excited to have been able to catch such a wonderful historical opportunity between Russia and China. I want to contribute my share to the relationship between our two countries in the future. So, Tsinghua became my dream school. I am so honored that I became a student of the School of Social Sciences of Tsinghua University and now I am studying international relations here.

Tsinghua changed me a lot since the beginning. I started participating in many events. I attended the Principal's Symposium as an International Student Representative of 2020. I became active in Shanghai Cooperation Organization and became an official member of the SCOLAR Network. I hosted the 2021 Tsinghua University Gala Night and many other official events. I am very grateful to all the teachers and students who supported me. I think Tsinghua is really a place of opportunities and just like China. Beijing is the center of China and Tsinghua University is the best university in China. If you want to learn entrepreneurship or know about the start-ups in China, Tsinghua will be your best option. My story with China and Tsinghua is far from over. I will continue my fate with China and share my Tsinghua story. Coming to Tsinghua has been the best decision I made in my entire life!

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