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Jakubke Adrian:Freshman Life in Tsinghua



Nationality: GERMAN

Division: Humanities and Social Sciences

Year of Enrollment: 2020

Freshman Life in Tsinghua

I came to China when I was three years old. Basically, I grew up here. By growing up in China, I was often told that Tsinghua University is the best in China, and always being motivated by words like "only if you study hard, you'll the chance to get into Tsinghua." To me, back then it was always an unreachable dream.  But sometimes dreams do come true, which I discovered when I was admitted to Tsinghua University. After I came here, I found it is indeed the best university in China.

Life in Tsinghua is amazing. When I first arrived on campus, I was amazed by the school's scenery. It's just so beautiful on the campus. And in Tsinghua, there are so many remarkable opportunities and resources. At the beginning of the first semester, I joined the European Student Association. I'm extremely proud of being a member of the European Student Association, and being a staff in ESA has helped me a lot in many ways. Most importantly, it helped me grow and learn by devoting myself to helping others at the same time, which is for me a precious experience.

Life on the campus is very enjoyable. In Tsinghua, there more than ten canteens, a few restaurants, and a whole bunch of cafes. It is well known in Beijing that it is only Tsinghua that has the best canteens, and it's true. Throughout my time here, I have been to almost every single one of them, and each of them is delicious, so here, you can never get tired of the food. There's just way too much.

Tsinghua is a small society. Everything you need you can find on the campus. There are many supermarkets on the campus where you can find anything you need, as well as bakeries right next to the market. Also, there are all kinds of shops below the Guan Chou Yuan Canteen. There's even a hospital on campus, where you can get all types of injuries and sicknesses sorted out. There are many enormous libraries where you read and study.

As Tsinghua always promotes its students to do sports, there are all kinds of courts built on campus—soccer, football, basketball, tennis, badminton, ping-pong, billiards, archery, volleyball, boxing, and even shooting. This is only a part of it. There are just way too many. There are also many amazing gyms: there is the big one in the comprehensive stadium, as well as several small but exquisite gyms in the international students buildings. I go there every day.

The experience I've had at Tsinghua is amazing. I have participated in many activities and events that I have enjoyed, and I believe these many wonderful opportunities can only be found here. I have also met a lot of awesome people who are friendly and excellent in everything. Even though I've only been in Tsinghua for less than a year, I still feel that Tsinghua has influenced me quite a bit. I enjoyed playing sports even before I was here, but now I'm even more into them, as it's the Tsinghua Ren's spirit—"No sports, no Tsinghua!". Also, Tsinghua has in a way changed my personality, I used to be a shy person, to be honest, and I know that this might seem quite unbelievable to my Tsinghua friends. Back then, I can rarely make new friends and have always shut myself in. However, in Tsinghua, I have somehow changed. I made many cool and amazing friends. I'm only a freshman and I have discovered and learned so much. Here, you can live life. I'm very looking forward to the rest of my university life.

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