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Gultan Abdinova:Tsinghua — Immersed in the Development of the World


Name:Gultan Abdinova古莉雅


Division:Humanities and Social Sciences

Year of Enrollment:2019

Tsinghua — Immersed in the Development of the World

"Tsinghua University” — when I first walked onto the campus, the first thing I saw was the four powerful Chinese characters outside the school gate, and my heart quaked at seeing them. I was both anxious and excited because I knew what it means to walk through this school gate. I knew that the next path I would take would change my life, and open many doors for me that I didn’t even think were possible.

I was raised in China by Azerbaijani parents, which allowed me to understand more about cultural differences between the two countries. This first-hand experience led me to understand what I can do in the future. Entering an international school made me not only feel the cultural differences between the two countries, but also exposed me to cultural shock, and various learning environments that exist between many countries. This international environment has given me the opportunity to challenge myself in many ways. It helped me become a well-rounded person, taught me to be more disciplined and focused, and pushed me closer to being a culturally-sensitive, independent learner.

Many would ask "Why Tsinghua? Why China? " Perhaps I just had a general idea of it before entering the university, but now I am sure that this is among one of the best decisions I haveevermade. Tsinghua gives us more opportunities. After I came to Tsinghua, I found that I had many options in the future. There are so many different projects and activities for us to strive for. Each of us can walk on our own path in Tsinghua according to our characteristics.

The large number of opportunities I have had familiarized me with a broader range of perspectives, and has led me to greater clarity about the direction of my future. We now find that many international students choose to come to China to study. I think China's “Belt and Road” Initiative is one of the reasons. The implementation of this strategy has made us more deeply aware of China while giving us hope of coming to China to study and beinga part of it in the future. The "Belt and Road” Initiative was launched to further strengthen China's foreign trade and economic relations. It involves the construction of infrastructure and investment in nearly 70 countries and international organizations. How is this relevant to me?

Azerbaijan is one of the countries — in fact, it is one of the earliest countries to support China's "Belt and Road" Initiative, and it has effectively carried out financial support, giving a lot of political and economic guarantees. China is the world's largest exporter and the second-largest importer, which also allows Azerbaijan to have more trade with China. This also makes me more interested in studying at Tsinghua and in China, because I know that learning here allows me to be immersed in the development of the world.

Having lived in China for more than ten years, I have had the opportunity to witness the rapid growth of the Chinese economy, but at the same time, I am more impressed by the profound culture and customs here. Although I have lived in this country for a long time, I found that Chinese culture is very different in all parts of China. Sometimes when I go from one place to another in China, I find that their culture and customs are completely different. Because of it, life in China is never boring because I find there are too many things in this land worth exploring. Moreover, the Chinese are very enthusiastic and welcoming, not to mention the professors and students of Tsinghua University. Even as an international student, you will never have a hard time trying to fit in. In Tsinghua, Eastern and Western cultures can be well integrated, especially in the teaching method. Here, you will find that many professors have a very interesting teaching method, and incorporate the authenticity and formality of the East with the innovation and creativity of the West. The richness of the teaching method also enables us to better understand the teaching content and move towards the academic path.

I am honored to be a student at Tsinghua University and an explorer on this academic path. Tsinghua made me realize the value of my international background and has helped me establish the correct valuesand direction for my future. Countless outstanding predecessors and peers here have set a benchmark for us with their own actions. Here, I have come to realize that young people like us should work hard and learn to get out of our comfort zone — and ultimately be more empowered to grow as independent-thinking individuals, with a mindset for self-improvement.

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