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Chua ZhiRong:A place where you and I belong


Name:Chua ZhiRong蔡紫榕


Division:Automation and Industrial Engineering

Year of Enrollment:2019

A place where you and I belong

The end of July 2018 was a big turning point in my life. During that time, I chose to participate in the Tsinghua Summer School program. In my heart, I knew that I must take advantage of grasp this opportunity to stay on Tsinghua's campus for a week to understand a different array of cultural and community perspectives. It was an unforgettable experience in my life. I remembered being on a very large campus, where there are various teaching buildings, sports venues, and facilities. I enjoyed a positive academic atmosphere and made a lot of friends. It was as if I belonged there. Everything at Tsinghua just made me yearn to be there to spend the most important four years of my life. After I went home from the summer school program, I immediately started my application to Tsinghua University, approaching my dream university slowly but surely.

August 2019, I was finally at Tsinghua again, but this time as a freshman. It has now been nearly a year living here now, and I can proudly say not once I have regretted my choice coming to this university. At Tsinghua, teachers provide the best learning assistance and I know I can always reach out for help anytime, every time. My classmates are a motivation and inspiration to push me to work harder than before. Also, my favourite time of the day is the daily mealtimes. Tsinghua's canteen is one of the reasons why I love it so much here. Bicycles are an indispensable means of transportation, and I ride to all my classes, enjoy the nice breeze, and say hello to all I pass. Looking around, the scenery in Tsinghua has never been a disappointment.

In this new environment, I experienced sparks brought by the collision of cultural differences, trained my ability to adapt to diverse situations. Of course, a good university life is not only about studying and learning. It is about achieving a work-life balance. Besides ensuring my grades, I am also currently in the basketball team of the Automation Department, joined the "TsinghuaShuo" society, and stepped on the stage of "Gala Night" (International Student New Year's Eve Party). I also have plans to join the ice skating or the billiard club next year. There are various extracurricular activities available at Tsinghua. As long as one is willing to try it out and participate, there are a lot of opportunities provided for us to explore, develop, and maximize our potential.

I know I am on a challenging path that requires a lot of hard work and effort. However, I also know there is great support and encouragement from my professors and classmates on this path, making the scenery of the road even more gorgeous. I am ready to meet the unknown but exciting challenges, to strive to persevere, and never give up. This is a place where everyone is welcomed and I hope you will come fight alongside me.

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