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Ashley Becker:My Tsinghua Story


Name: Ashley Becker 艾雅莉

Nationality:United States

Division: Humanities and Social Sciences

Year of Enrollment:2019

My Tsinghua Story

Four years in China and four different universities. Yes, you read that right. I have attended four different schools here in China. And though these many schools in this short amount of time sounds like a crazy ride (it was), I am grateful for these experiences, because in the end, it brought me to where I truly feel I belong — Tsinghua.

After learning Chinese for two years at two different schools, it was time for me to start my major. I applied to a school in Beijing and was accepted. As grateful as I was for everything I learned at this school, I never felt like it was the place for me. It wasn’t until I stepped onto the beautiful campus of Tsinghua University that a wave of a familiar feeling came over me. It was a home away from home, and I knew this was where I had to be. From that moment on, I researched everything about Tsinghua. I read through the whole website (maybe too many times), got in contact with the offices, scavenged for videos on YouTube, and finally applied for the bachelor’s program.

Over a year later and finishing up my first year at Tsinghua University, I have never been happier. From the insightful and commending professors to the infinite amount of opportunities, the people I have met here from China and all over the world have made my experience at Tsinghua unlike any other.

Tsinghua inspires its students to be a better you. Not only does Tsinghua strive to help us become our own self, but our school also pushes us to achieve our greatest physical and mental health.

Needless to say, I am excited to find out what is in store for me at Tsinghua University over the next three years!

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