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Tsinghua University 2022 YAU Mathematical Sciences Talents Program Admissions (Third Round)


Tsinghua University will continue accepting students into the YAU Mathematical Sciences Talents Program (2022 Entry). It recruits students from all over the world who have excellent overall quality, great mathematical potentials and specialties for selection and training. From undergraduate training to doctoral level studies, we are committed to cultivating future leaders in the fields of mathematical sciences in China and the world.

1. Qualification of Applicants:

1) The applicant should be in good health and character, well-behaved, excellent in academics, and should display great potential in the fields of mathematical sciences.

2) This round is open to international students, Chinese students from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and Chinese students who are studying abroad (Chinese students studying in mainland China are recruited in the 1st and 2nd round already).

3) If the applicant is a student from mainland China, he/she should be in their first or second year of high school. If truly outstanding, those in their third year of middle school or third year in high school are also welcome to apply.

2. Application Method:

Applicants should apply online by completing the Online Application. Before submitting the application, please print out, sign, scan, and upload it (no need to mail the application materials).

Application Website:


After logging in (those who are logging in for the first time shall first register), please select “丘成桐数学科学领军人才培养计划(第三批次)” to apply. Please fill in and submit the application materials online according to the program requirements.

3. Process of Application:

1) Initial review: The application review team will use a holistic approach in their evaluation of every applicant based on the specialties in mathematics, learning ability, daily performance, and academic research potential. The result of this review will be posted in the application system. The results will be separated into two categories: pass and fail. Applicants who have been noted to have “pass” will participate in the following comprehensive test(s). Those who have “fail” will not be allowed to participate in any further testing.

2) Testing Phase: The testing will include a subject ability exam and a professional interview. The tests will be conducted online, and the specific arrangement is subject to the notification in the online application system.

3) Shortlisted: The evaluation committee will carefully evaluate each student based on the application materials and the tests to decide the applicants who will be shortlisted. Those who have been shortlisted will be notified through the online application system.  If there are any objections to the shortlist result, please follow the guidelines to file a complaint. After this objection period has passed, the shortlisted result will become effective.  

4) Confirmation: Those who have been shortlisted must to commit to the program, before receiving the “Tsinghua University 2022 ‘YAU Mathematical Sciences Talents Program’ Shortlist Confirmation Certificate”.

5) Preparatory Training: Those who have been shortlisted must participate in the preparatory training in the 2022 spring semester. During this time, these students will be inspected for their adaptability to university studies, and admission procedures can only be processed if they pass this inspection. Due to the uncertainty of the epidemic, the form and specific arrangements of the preparatory training will be notified at a later date.

4. Admission:

1) Acceptance Method: Applicants who have been shortlisted and passed the preparatory training shall follow the acceptance process to confirm their acceptance. Further admission information will be announced at a later date.

2) Other issues: Applicants who have been shortlisted and passed the preparatory training should not commit to any other universities.

5. Schedule:

1) December 15-December 31, 2021: Complete and submit online application.

2) Early January, 2022: Results of the initial review will be posted on the application system.

3) Mid-January, 2022: Testing and verification take place.

4) February 2022: Results of those who have been shortlisted will be posted on the application system and the Shortlist Confirmation Certificate will also be issued.

5) March-June, 2022: Arrive on campus to attend preparatory training. If passed, their acceptances will be finalized.

6. Additional Information:

1) Tsinghua University attaches great importance to the management of enrollment of this program, and strictly enforces discipline and accountability throughout the application process.

2) Applicants must ensure that the application information and application materials provided are true and accurate. If the admissions office or certification department verifies that anything in the application is not true, the application, admission or study qualification will be cancelled. Applicants who are found to be in breach of academic ethics, professional ethics, honesty and trustworthiness, etc., will not be admitted or admission/study qualification will be cancelled after this breach has been verified.

3) For shortlisted students who are studying mathematics and applied mathematics (eight-year system), the tuition and accommodation fees shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant requirements of the same group of students.

4) In the event of a situation that may affect the admissions examination process due to the epidemic or other factors, the university can adjust the admissions process according to the situation. The right to interpret this admissions process sits with the Admissions Office of Tsinghua University.

7. Contact Us:

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Phone number of Monitor: +86-010-62783000

Email: zsb@tsinghua.edu.cn

Admissions Website: http://join-tsinghua.edu.cn

In case of any dispute or misunderstanding relating to the interpretation of the language or terms used in this document, the Chinese language version shall prevail.

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